Keys New Bedford, MA

Unlock Your Home's Potential at Beacon Hardware

We offer hardware and key services in New Bedford, MA

There are many different types of keys. Finding comprehensive key services you can depend on for repairs, replacements and copies is difficult. Beacon Hardware provides key services for all major types of keys, including:

  • House keys
  • Padlock keys
  • Car keys
  • Sidewinder keys
  • Novelty keys

You can also purchase keychains at our store. Stop by today for your replacement key or call 508-995-1766 to speak with an associate.

Update the hardware in your home

Hardware can wear down over the years. After enough wear and tear, things can rust, break or fall apart. But there's no need to stress- you can get all of your replacement parts at Beacon Hardware.

We offer the following products:

Door hinges | Knobs | Pulls | Brackets | Mounts | Hooks | Chains | Cables | Ropes

Nuts and bolts (zinc and stainless) | Carriage bolts (zinc, galvanized and stainless) | Lag bolts (zinc, galvanized and stainless) | Wood screws (zinc, brass and stainless) | Sheet metal screws (zinc and stainless) | Automotive fasteners | Concrete and wall anchors | Rivets

Do you need to replace door hinges in your home? Visit our store in New Bedford, Massachusetts today to pick up replacement parts.